Khilafah Awareness Month


How Was Our Khilafah Dismantled?

(Quotations from TIME Magazine:)


TIME, July 2, 1928, p. 17
Awful Desecration
Enough to set hairs a-standing on pious Mohammedans heads would be a proposal to cover the broad, flat floors of mosques with hateful, heathen pews. Pews would prevent squatting in the traditional attitude of prayer. Pews would obstruct reverent foreheads from bending down to touch the floor of the House of Allah. Pews would be an awful desecration -as awful as though heathen Christians should not don slippers before entering a mosque, and thus pollute the floor. However, since the present ruling class of Young Turks are not pious Mohammedans, it was natural, last week, that the Commission on Religious Reform, recently appointed by President Mustafa Kemal Pasha should recommend:
1) Pews to cover the floor of every mosque;
2) Abolition of the mosque slipper and prayer rug;
3) installation of organs, choirs. Observers of the Young Turks’ successful occidentalization of Turkey marveled, once more, at the docility of the Turkish masses, which have abandoned the fez, ceased to contract polygamous marriages, and now seem prepared to alter the fundamental rites of their religion – all this within ten years.

(TIME, January 9, 1933, p. 64) Squinting skyward last week, Turks looked for the new moon. When they should see it Ramadan would begin. Ramadan the mystic month in which the Koran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed. This year the first glint of the new moon had a special, dread significance. Turks had been ordered by their stern dictator, Mustafa Kemal Pasha who made them drop the veil and the fez

(TIME Feb. 15, 1926 et seq.), that beginning with Ramadan they must no longer call their god by his Arabic name, Allah. No godly man, Dictator Kemal considers that there is no reason why Turks should not call Allah by his Turkish name Tanri. There is no reason except centuries of tradition, no reason except that Turkish imams (priests) all know the Koran by heart in Arabic while few if any have memorized it in Turkish. Strict to the point of cruelty last week was Dictator Kemal’s decree that muezzins, calling the faithful to prayer from the top of Turkey’s minarets, must shout not the hallowed “Allah Akbar!” (Arabic for “God is Great!”) but the unfamiliar words “Tanri Uludur!” which mean the same thing in Turkish.

When imams threatened to suspend services in the mosques and hide the prayer rugs, the Government announced that it was holding 400 brand-new prayer rugs in reserve, threatened to produce “newly trained muezzins who know the Koran in Turkish and are ready to jump into the breach.”

Nearer & nearer crept the moon to crescent. Ramadan was almost upon Turkey when officials of the Department of Culture (which includes religion) screwed up their courage and told Dictator Kemal that he simply could not change the name of Turkey’s god – at least not last week. Already several muezzins had been thrown into jail for announcing that they would continue to shout “Allah Akbar!” The populace was getting ugly, obviously sympathized with the Allah-shouters.

Abruptly Dictator Kemal yielded “Let them pray as they please, temporarily” he growled. Beaming, his Minister rushed off to proclaim the ordered by their stern dictator, Mustafa Kemal Pasha who made them drop the veil and the fez (TIME, glad respite only a few hours before the new moon appeared. “On account of the general unpreparedness of muezzins
and imams,” they suavely declared, ”prayers may be offered and the Koran recited in Arabic during the present month of Ramadan, but discourse by the imams must be in Turkish.” During Ramadan all Moslems are especially irritable because they eat nothing during the hours of daylight. After the fasting is over Turks will be more tractable, may accept from their Dictator a new name for their God.

(TIME, February 20, 1933, p. 18)
Word for God A hard father to his people, Mustafa Kemal told his Turks last December that they must forget God in the Arabic language (Allah), learn Him in Turkish (Tanri). Admitting the delicacy of renaming a 1300-year-old god, Kemal gave the muezzins a time allowance to learn the Koran in Turkish. Last week in pious Brusa, the “green city,” a muezzin halloed “Tanri Uludur” from one of the minarets whence Brusans had heard “Allah Akbar” since the 14th Century. Raging at Kemal Pasha’s god, they mobbed the muezzin, mobbed the police who came to save him. Quick to defend his new word for God, quicker to show new Turkey the fate of the old-fashioned, Kemal the Ghazi, “the Victorious One,” pounced on Brusa, had 60 of the faithful arrested, ousted the Mufti (ecclesiastical judge) of the Ouglubjami mosque and decreed that henceforth God was Tanri.

(Turkey, Emil Lengyel, 1941, pp. 140-141)
During the early days of Kemal’s career, many of his followers were under the impression that he was a champion of Islam and that they were fighting the Christians. “Ghazi, Destroyer of Christians” was the name they gave him. Had they been aware of his real intentions, they would have called him ”Ghazi, Destroyer of Islam.”

(Grey Wolf, Mustafa Kemal, An Intimate Study of a Dictator, H.C. Armstrong, 1934)
He was drinking heavily. The drink stimulated him, gave him energy, but increased his irritability. Both in private and public he was sarcastic, brutal and abrupt. He flared up at the least criticism. He cut short all attempts to reason with him. He flew into a passion at the least opposition. He would neither confide in nor co-operate with anyone. When one politician gave him some harmless advice, he roughly told him to get out. When a venerable member of the Cabinet suggested that it was unseemly for Turkish ladies to dance in public, he threw a Koran at him and chased him out of his office with a stick.

p. 241: “For five hundred years these rules and theories of an Arab sheik,” he said, “and the interpretations of generations of lazy, good for-nothing priests have decided the civil and the criminal law of Turkey.” “They had decided the form of the constitution, the details of the lives of each Turk, his food, his hours of rising and sleeping, the shape of his clothes, the routine of the midwife who produced his children, what he learnt in his schools, his customs, his thoughts, even his most intimate habits.”

“Islam, this theology of an immoral Arab, is a dead thing.” Possibly it might have suited tribes of nomads in the desert. It was no good for a modern progressive State. “God’s revelation!” There was no God. That was one of the chains by which the priests and bad rulers bound the people down.

“A ruler who needs religion to help him rule is a weakling. No weakling should rule..”

And the priests! How he hated them. The lazy, unproductive priests who ate up the sustenance of the people. He would chase them out of their mosques and monasteries to work like men.
Religion! He would tear religion from Turkey as one might tear the throttling ivy away to save a young tree.

p. 243
Further, it was public knowledge that he was irreligious, broke all the rules of decency, and scoffed at sacred things. He had chased the Sheik-ul-Islam, the High Priest of Islam, out of his office and thrown the Koran after him. He had forced the women in Angora to unveil. He had encouraged them to dance body close to body with accursed foreign men and Christians.
Turkey, Emil Lengyel, 1941, p. 134
Kemal cared nothing about Allah; he was interested in himself and in Turkey. He hated Allah and made him responsible for Turkey’s misfortune. It was Allah’s tyrannical rule that paralyzed the hands of the Turk. But he knew that Allah was real to the Turkish peasant, while nationalism meant nothing to him. He decided, therefore, to draft Allah into his service as the publicity director of his national cause. Through Allah’s aid his people must cease to be Mohammedans and become Turks. Then, after Allah had served Kemal’s purpose, he could discard him. “Was it not because of the Khilafah, Islam and the clerics that the Turkish peasants fought and lost their lives for five centuries? It is high time Turkey attended to her ”interests”, ignored the Indians and the Arabs and saved herself from the burden of leading
the Islamic lands.” – Mustafa Kemal addressing the people in the National Assembly on 2nd March 1924.
Mustafa Kemal was the one who put forward to the Assembly a decree enjoining the abolishment of the Khilafah saying, “We must at all costs safeguard the endangered republic and make her rise upon solid scientific bases. The Khaleefah and the legacies of the Ottoman family must go, the dilapidated religious courts and their laws must be replaced by modern courts and laws, and the cleric’s schools must concede their place to official secular schools.”
We call upon every single Muslim, amidst this Kufr dominating the Islamic lands,to work towards establishing the Khilafah as a method to transform his own country into an Islamic household and unite it with the rest of the Islamic lands and to carry the Da’awah to the world in order to make Islam triumphant, while reiterating with truthful belief, enlightenment and awareness the saying of the Messenger of Allah : “By Allah, if they were to put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left on condition that I relinquished this matter, until Allah has made it triumphant or I perish therein I would not relinquish it”.
“They want to extinguish Allah’s Light with their mouths, but Allah will not allow except that His Light should be perfected even though the disbelievers hate it. It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the Deen of truth, to make it superior over all other ideologies even though the Mushrikoon (polytheists) hate it.”
[TMQ At Tauba 32-33]

3rd March – The Day of the Destruction of Khilafah and the Day of Establishment of Khilafah

The 3rd of March 1924 was the catastrophic day when the light of Islam was extinguished and it’s implementation was taken from our lives. It was the very day that the Muslim Ummah became bare and defenseless against the kuffar onslaught. It is to that day that the kuffar can look back and rejoice for the last 100 years of unfettered domination and exploitation of this once much envied and feared Ummah which was ruling by Islam and spreading Allah’s (SWT) divine message to humanity.


The situation of the Muslim Ummah is in front of your eyes my dear Brothers and Sisters. It is not because of lack of education, resources(67% resources are in the Muslim Lands) or manpower-1.6 Billion but still we are the most backward nation on the face of this earth. The destruction of Khilafah on March 3rd 1924 was a huge mark indicating the beginning of the Muslim Ummah becoming weak and defeated against this kuffar onslaught. This has unfortunately remained to this day for the last more than 90 long years later.


By destroying the Khilafah the army of Shaitan, the kuffar, managed to divide the Muslim Ummah into over 58 illegitimate regimes and the identities associated with it. Through this evil idea of nationalism we became Pakistanis, Bangalis, Sudanese, Arabs and Turks etc. first and Muslims second- Astaghfur-Allah! Unconsciously or consciously the very identity given to us by our Creator Allah (SWT) was laid aside and our personal preferences taught by our Enemies took over, this clearly contradicts what is said to us in the Qura’n, Surah Al-Imran, ayah 103,”And hold fast, all of you together to the rope of Allah (SWT)(the Qura’n, Islam) and be not divided among yourselves and remember Allah’s (SWT) favor on you, for you were enemies one to another, but He Allah (SWT) joined your hearts together, so that, by His Grace you became Brethren (in Islamic Aqeedah)”


The Prophet(saw) said, “The Muslim Ummah is a UNIQUE Ummah among the whole of mankind: Their Land is One, Their War is One, Their Peace is One, Their Honor is One and their Trust is One.”(ahmad)


The kuffar were also able to exploit our resources for their own selfish benefit. The example is clearly visible- The Middle East and Central Asia it does not take a genius to work this out. Through these Puppet regimes in the Muslim World,America and Europe have managed to Create Wars, make the Muslims fighting among themselves through-Pakistan-Bangladesh, Iraq-Iran, Iraq-Kuwait and Now a Direct Occupation and Colonization of Pakistan, Afghanistan & Iraq by the US & British/NATO and to keep the Muslim Ummah backwards through the kufr system so called Democracy i.e. Capitalism, which are basically the Western way of life (through the education, social, economical and ruling systems), and controlling the economic and political institutions through the IMF , World Bank and the puppet regimes. The Muslim Ummah has become so subjugated by these Foreign Evil Powers & Systems that it has began to have doubts in Islam and in itself, resulting in it becoming defeated and surrendered to these kufr & their ideas. It has now unfortunately reached an all time low that it now actually considers Islam to be backwards and these western fallacies to be correct and modern. Astaghfirullah!
Since Islam first dawned on the earth spreading its warm call the enemies of Islam have relentlessly tried to undermine it by using their forces of destruction ,slanders and corruptions through wars and media manipulations, and Now if you are not following their Beliefs, Way of Life, Culture and Values then You Are labeled a TERRORIST (Muslim)– remember “Either you are with US or with Terrorists”. No refrain has been given from using any type of deviant means in the kuffars “crusader quest”, “Just War” to destroy OUR Islamic state-Khilafah, Our Unity, OUR identity , OUR ISLAM and OUR DEEN.


This of course is exactly what the kuffar wanted as illustrated by the British Foreign minister addressing the British Prime Minister shortly before the Second World War. He stated, “We must put an end to anything which brings about any Islamic unity between the sons of the Muslims. As we have already succeeded in finishing off the Khilafah so we must endure that there will never arise again unity for the Muslims whether it be intellectual or cultural unity”(this means the unity on the viewpoint about life, something that affects daily affairs, namely the social, economic, education and ruling systems of Islam).


Similarly Lord Curzon, the British Foreign Minister pronounced the following in front of the House of Commons after the Lausanne Treaty of July 24th 1924, “The situation now is that Turkey is dead and will never rise again because we have destroyed its moral strength, the Khilafah and Islam.” (The Khilafah Osmania)


Take a look at this hadith, “The knots of Islam will be broken one after another. The first is the knot of ruling and the last is the rule of salah.” (Muslim)


Think about it, the “knot of ruling” was lost in 1924 when Mustafa Kemal signed a treaty with the West to turn OUR Islamic State into a secular state{where Man is making Laws instead of Allah(swt) which is clear SHIRK to be ruled by man-made-systems-Secularism/Democracy}, the rest as the saying goes is history. Our dignity, Our Identity, our honor, our land, our brotherhood(being One Ummah) and our unity was lost and still almost 100 years later has not returned. The Muslim Ummah is in state of despair and destitute and honestly speaking things can not really get much worse. Open WARS and Destructions and Onslaught ( SHOCK and AWE) against ISLAM, the Islamic Way of Life and Muslims to make sure that the Western Systems (way of Life enforced in the name of FREEDOM and Liberation), to establish US Imperialistic Hegemony particularly in the Muslim World and that ISLAM will NEVER arise and make sure that the Zionist Terrorist State of Israel becomes the only Power in the Middle East and wipe out the Muslims of Palestine once and for all.
So what can we as Muslims do to climb out of this deep hole?

We should learn a lesson from the Jews( though they are NOT our reference, Our reference is the Quran and the Sunnah, its just an example) , the Israeli population is just 3 million yet they have managed through their evil & deviant means to have their own state(0fcourse it is British and US are its life blood), we just have to look in the Middle East to see just how powerful it is to scare the Hell of Middle East in particular and the Muslim world in general. It is not their wealth or their resources that has made it so forceful but the mere fact that they have one Zionist Jewish state giving them utmost power and support worldwide. Muslims do not have a state which represent Islam and Muslims or to protect Muslims around the world. These puppet Regimes are Kafir “Those who do not rule by what Allah(swt) has revealed are KAFIR.”(5:44)-Mubarak, Hussains of Morocco & Jordan, Asad, Zardari(known as Mr.10%) ,Mahmoud Abbas( Bahai), KHARZAI etc.-are there for the protection of Israel and the kufr interests and suppress the Muslims with their iron clutches, they will murder thousand and thousand fellow Muslims to just keep their position.

We must realize the responsibility (fard) to establish the Khilafah in order to fulfill our obligation through an intellectual and a political struggle, Allah (SWT) says in Surah Al-Imran, ayah 104 “Let there be among you a group inviting to the good (khair-Islam) and ordering what is right and forbidding what is wrong. Those are the ones who are successful

It is HARAM for us to live under man-made laws, Secularism-democracy and capitalism, it is absolute SHIRK by following man-made-Laws. It is an obligation upon us to replace the Taghoot (evil) systems(Secularism-Democracy-Capitalism because Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an, Surah Al Imran, ayah 85, “And who so seeks a Deen (way of life, rulings, systems, Laws) other than Islam it will not be accepted from him and he will be a loser in the Hereafter.” We must realize that Islam is a way of life, (Socio-Economico-Politico) and its TAWHEED, Aqeedah must be understood by culturing ourselves by visiting Masjids, attending Islamic lectures ,seminars and join organizations which are working to Establish Tawheeed, Islam in its totality i.e. Khilafah. The Qur’an and the Sunnah our basic guidelines for our daily life should be studied, understood , adopted, implemented and carried HOLISTICALLY to the rest of humanity by the state-Khilafah as the Prophet(saw) and the rest of Khulafah did it from Madinah . As individuals it is of vital importance for us to increase our knowledge of Islam holistically to apply in our daily life not to study it as Greek Mythology, the way the Mulas, peer sahab and the corrupt sold out scholars -$cholar$ for Dollar$ telling us the stories of the Prophet (saw) and the sahabah to make us weep and cry as if Islam is like fairy tales from Hindu or Greek Mythology which have NO relevance in our lives today in 21st Century and the place where we live(NYC). We must understand Islam in it’s entirety and practical point of view-as Systems-Laws and Orders (Shariah) not as a philosophy nor as a religion. Islam is NOT a religion anyway. Our Islamic personality has to have out come of our Towheed and Aqeedah from which our actions are derived otherwise we believe in something else and doing something else-that’s a clear contradiction between what we believe in and what we do that is called Oxymoron, ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR and SECULARISM (limiting Islam inside the Masjid for rituals and do whatever we want outside and follow the kufr laws-like the Hindus, Jews and Christians). At the same time we must work to change and replace the present situation (through intellectual and political struggle) as the aya states “….Amr bil Maruf wa Nahi anil Munkr-commanding good and forbidding evil”(3:104)

Allah azza wajl granted us with a great opportunity that the Muslim Ummah is rising up and uprooting the western regimes. We must make sure not only remove these western puppets but also their system which the west enforced on us for more than a century through these puppet regimes like Saud family, Husaain of Mororco/Jordan, Al-sabah of kuwait, Bahrain etc. We must to replace the present man-made-laws with the Laws of Al-Islam i.e. Khilafah. We must make sure we are not foul by any slogans nor any false promises of the kufaar or their puppets like Tantawi, Shafiq, or Suleiman.

The establishment of an Islamic society or Khilafah cannot be done by individuals; it is something that can only be done by group-the voice of many people is more powerful and stronger than just one. There are therefore three ways to establish the Khilafah -either you establish your own group, you work with another group or you join us. There is a Fiqh principle that states, “An action without which another obligation cannot be established becomes an obligation.”

We need to understand how and why is it FARD to work to establish Khilafah? Please check for details:

The Muslims all over the world are one Ummah by their Aqeedah and Towheed, their problem and their solution is one regardless of their place of residence. Today there is a need and an obligation (a matter of Jannah or Jahanam/a matter of life and death) to establish the Islamic state-Khilafah, this should be very clear in the minds of Muslims. It is and was the same state that was established by the Prophet (saw), followed by the Sahaba (ra) till 3rd March, 1924. It is the State where the Muslims will regain their human dignity, salvation and fulfill their obligation towards Allah (swt) to be the witness against humanity. It is the State where the Imam, the Khaleefah will be a shield and a protector for the citizens of Khilafah. The Khilafah state will carry the guidance and Rahmah of Allah (swt) to the rest of humanity. It is the Khilafah State to which people of the world will look up to for justice, security and a better life InshAllah.

Today’s superpower, America, has come to a similar realization as that made by the European powers of the past, “The evolution of Turkey is important to us…It is important for it to continue to be a secular country.” (US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, in an address to the House of Representatives Appropriations subcommittee that handles foreign affairs funding, Spring 1997.) No doubt America holds this with conviction with Weapons of Mass Destruction though Ideologically speaking it has lost the battle. The return of the Khilafah will signal the end of America’s own designs upon the Islamic Lands. Today, many Muslims have made a realization of their own. They have realized the impact of the loss of the Khilafah. Muslims must make this realization act as a spur to motivate them to take on the work for the establishment of the Khilafah. For the best reason that there could ever be. Its establishment is a command from Allah azza wajl. Just as the Ummah in the time of Mustafa Kemal worked hard to resist secularism, so must we whether in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Jordan or Pakistan. Just as they loathed even the thought of secular rule, so we must seek to uproot it from the Islamic Lands. Finally, the Muslims must take heart that the Prophet(SAW) reported on the Khilafah’s return after its demise. “The Prophethood will remain among you for as long as Allah wills, then Allah will lift it when He wishes to, then it will be a Khilafah Rashidah (Rightly Guided) on the method of the Prophethood, it will remain for as long as Allah wills, then Allah will lift it if He wishes, then it will be a hereditary leadership which will remain for as long as Allah wills, then He will lift it if he wishes, then it will be a tyrannical rule, and it will remain so for as long as Allah wills, then He will lift it if He wishes, then it will be a Khilafah on the method of the Prophethood, then he kept silent.”

Allah azza wajl has promised (the meaning of the translation), “to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power)“, [24:55]

The Messenger of Allah(saw) said, “Verily Allah has shown me the eastern and western part of the earth, and I saw the authority of my Ummah dominate all that I saw.” [Saheeh Muslim, hadeeth no.2889]

It is a defining moment in the history of Islam, just like the Battle of Badr; either you stand for Islam and your identity firmly, or you let the hypocrites, the munafiqeen, and the kufaar define Islam for you, and you lose your identity forever. You are part of the greatest nation in history, the Muslim Ummah. As the Muslim world finds itself on the edge of revolution and they are waking up to the oppression of the man-made systems above their noses, they must ask themselves what happens next? Do they continue to implement the falsehood of man-made systems of democracy and capitalism? Or do they strive for the sake of Allah SWT and establish the Khilafah? Now is the time to decide as the taghoot are being exposed for their crimes against Islam and the Muslim ummah. As the kings and pharoahs cower in their palaces and the hypocrisy of their allegiance to the Kuffar is exposed, the Muslims can take the initiative, oust these taghoot and establish a divine rule of law i.e. Shariah through Khilafah that supersedes the whims and desires of any individual or group of privileged elite. Remember there is no justice, no liberation, and no dignity without Islam.

A time for Thought! A time for Change! A time for Action!