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> You guys are crazy!!!
Guest_Jack Stallion_*
post Aug 7 2009, 04:25 PM
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I believe shias are more muslim than any other muslims in the world

Jack Stallion
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Islamic Revival
post Aug 8 2009, 02:36 AM
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Omar abdullateef and Jack Stallion. You are both are one and the same; a Shia in disguise trying to use tuqiyyah. I mean what made you want to play this silly trick? You think Allah isn't watching you and your deceptive trickery? I mean come on, if you want to be like the Jews that Allah describes in the Qur'an, then actually make an effort to learn their tactics. Such as masking your IP address. Or use different IP address. All of your IP address are exactly the same. Who are you trying to fool? It's either that, or you have multiple personality disorder. Either way, playing trickery and deception does not win the hearts and minds of sincere individuals. May Allah s.w.t. hold you accountable for this action. Everything you said is looked upon as false and misguidance. Shame on you.
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post May 17 2010, 07:06 AM
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I just watched the CNN broadcast, then came to your site to see your point of view. I'm glad you profess to be non-violent, but didn't I hear someone say they love Osama Bin Laden? That is totally inconsistent. Bin Laden massacred 3,000 Christians and Muslims. Surely your organization doesn't support what he did? If so, then you cannot say you are non-violent.

I think it's time that both Christians AND Muslims stop acting like children. We claim that the other is evil, and get so consumed with anger we want to kill each other...blaming the other for its atrocities. I think our God must be disgusted with His children fighting amongst each other.

Surely all agree that we have all sinned, or fallen short of God's perfection. So neither side has the right to point fingers. I think that focusing on our OWN imperfection is the ONLY way to truly live in humility and forgiveness as God has commanded.

Our religious pride is our greatest sin, whether we are Christian or Muslim.

I encourage both Christians and Muslims to look at their own sin, fall on their knees in humility before our God, and stop calling each other "evil." The word "evil" describes the condition of our hearts...all of us! Our only logical and proper position before God and each other is humility.
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post Oct 19 2010, 06:58 AM
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Thank You for that! GOD is an intelligent and loving GOD. we must not presume that one man's culture and/or sin is everyone else's. Why would GOD create a multitude of people to seek war against their fellow spiritual human brothers. HE WOULDN'T! HE's NOT STUPID.. This has been man's choice! AS INDIVIDUALS and sometimes as a collective body of people --- call it government or religious affiliations---
I see after reading about the toiletry habits of "westerners" that many people from your muslim community are VERY mininformed.. First of all, the good hygiene practices are there so that we don't get sick or spread sickness!!! Not for morals of the heart! It is not customary for most europeans and americans and canadians to even speak of their Personal bathroom habits. And while many/most do not use a Wash bucket... they do use wipes--like diaper wipes-- or wet paper towels -- ect... I have a good story on this matter between an ISLAM Iranian Girl and An American White Christian Girl. After being friends for some time, the little American girl asked her friend why she kept a little flowering water can under the bathroom sink at school. The Iranian girl spoke of her persian toiletry customs. The little white girl explained as well that she kept wipes in her purse at all times for the same reason. Weeks went by and the the two friends were at a dinner party in the Iranian girl's Aunt's home eating delicious persian food-- which the little white girl enjoyed soo much. Both girls were getting ready to leave and needed to use the restrooms. when the Iranian girl's purse dropped, out came a small package of WIPES... Of course the little American girl asked if she had decided to use wipes instead of her watering can. "No... I use both" . The American girl laughed in an Ironic way and opened her back pack to reveal both wipes and a small water bottle labeled "BATH"----
It's really fruitful that cultures can share their beliefs/ customs even if it is about very personal toiletry concerns... And yes this is a story of me & my good friend. We have things to learn from each other. If the Iranian girl had approached the American with disgust or anger or any of the "filthy kaffir" comments I have heard here on this site... no sharing would have happened... only offense!! No progress... no peace... just divide and more anger...

I cannot even imagine how many muslims are feeling in regards to the horrible and unjustified murders of their people, but inflicting pain upon every other culture is NOT the solution. Many of us come from land wars/ religious wars/ political wars. You are not the only people who have suffered. Please all who read... White/ Arabic /African / Latino whatever.... Think of the goodness of your heart/soul and know that nothing else matters to GOD than this... this is what he acknowledges in all of the scriptures.. Our laws Christian, Jewish and Muslim are very similar and are based on the same foundations.... to protect families, ourselves, our neighbors, the strangers around us, and to love GOD first. you are not doing this --- I am referring to extremists and certain government entities-- if you have harmed ANYONE with gas, bombs, emotional/ verbal abuse, ect... --- Many Americans are not happy with our government's military decisions, so why didn't you just stomp a giant logo of theirs instead of the flag!!! That flag means so much more to us.. It means the right to vote, to have children, to pray to GOD in any way or place we decide, to try our best and succeed financially here, to have any opinion without physical harm done to us--- and for you, to do our best with justice!!! never perfect because only GOD sees all, to change our opinions without being harmed, to question authority, and many more! These American beliefs protect even you and your families from a mass attack here in this homeland!
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